Shogi Posters to Make Bath Time Fun (3 Posters: Piece Moves, Ibisya, Furibisya)

600 (JPY)

Product Description

Let’s learn Shogi during daily bath time in a fun way!

“Shogi Posters to Make Bath Time Fun” is a series of posters to teach children moves and Kakoi, which is a castle to protect own Gyoku.

Each poster clings to bathroom walls when wet and provides opportunities for bath time Shogi learning. It can help children learn moves of pieces, or Kakoi in a fun and relaxed way, while they are soaking in a bathtub, or cleaning their bodies.

Let’s develop your Shogi skills during daily bath time.

Shogi Posters come in three different themes: Piece moves, Ibisha, and Furibisha.

An added bonus? They come with many ideas to help children learn Shogi easily. For example, “Ibisha” and “Furibisha” types provide information about the features of Kakoi and the origin of each Kakoi.
You can hang them on the walls other than bathroom walls, so that they can be used as a great addition to any Shogi classes or Shogi practice hall.

You may use them on the walls other than bathroom walls.

Ibisha: One of Shogi basic tactics. During opening game, Hisha doesn’t move from its initial position.
Furibisha: One of Shogi basic tactics. During opening game, Hisha moves from its initial position.


Product information 1, How to move piecesMoves of all pieces (including Promoted pieces)
Product information 2, Ibisha ver.Kakoi: Crab castle, Yagura castle, Boat castle, Ibisha Anaguma, Central house, Tower Mino
Product information 3, Furibisha ver.Kakoi: Mino castle, High Mino castle, Silver Crown, Furibisha Anaguma, Peerless Golds, Rapid Castling
DesignsDesign comes with: the way to move pieces, Ibisha version, Furibisha virsion,
Please choose between three designs, or a set of three types.
How to usePlease wet the back of a poster with warm or cold water, and put it on a flat wall.