Shogi Puzzles


Let’s move the pieces in the left figure to be the positions in the right figure, following the piece movement rules. The pieces cannot move out the board of 3x3 squares.
Shogi puzzle is an easy game with Shogi pieces and a board of 3x3 squares. Even young children without full knowledge of Shogi piece movements can enjoy Shogi puzzles.

Min. moves

30 Nov 2021

Introductory: 30 November 2021

Today’s Pieces

Crafted by Chikufu
Material: Genuine Tsuge
The form of a character: Shouryu
Carved pieces

Clue for Today’s Puzzle

You might like to place a priority on moving Kei (Knight).


8 moves ▲P-3a(3b) ▲G-1b(1a) ▲N-1a(2c) ▲G-3b(2b) ▲B-2b(1c) ▲G-1c(1b) ▲B-3c(2b) ▲G-2b

* To calculate the minimum number of moves, we use a programme created by Mr Akira Takeuchi, the developer of a computer Shogi programme "Shuso."

Past Puzzles

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