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Shogi Lesson Book for Beginners Vol. 1

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Product Description

A Textbook for Absolute Shogi beginners

Product Description

“Shogi Lesson Book for Beginners Vol. 1” is a textbook for Shogi beginners designed and invented by Ms. Akiko Nakakura, a ladies professional Shogi player. Ms. Nakakura made this book with an aim to make it possible that Shogi beginners who have no experience, nor no knowledge of piece-move can play a game one month later.

This book gives you very fundamental and necessary information about Shogi, such as “What Shogi is” or “What piece moves are”, so that both small children and their mothers who are totally unfamiliar with Shogi can enjoy learning to play Shogi.

5 Recommended Points of Introductory Shogi Textbook, “Shogi Lesson Book for Beginners Vol. 1”

1: Step by Step Approach; Small Steps made by 15-min Daily Lesson

“Shogi Lesson Book for Beginners Vol. 1” is aimed at helping Shogi beginners learn to play a Shogi game effortlessly. To motivate children to keep learning Shogi with joy, a daily lesson doesn’t contain many subjects, but has only one page of practice and one page of explanation, which require only about 15 minutes.

Even you are currently new to Shogi, you can expand your knowledge about Shogi using these tiered lesson plans.

2: Daily Video Lesson

There is a proverb, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. It is often easier to show something in a picture than to describe it with words. It is the same with Shogi. “Shogi Lesson Book for Beginners Vol. 1” uses video lessons to help children who are beginners at Shogi understand materials more deeply.

Reading QR code on each explanation page, you can have video lessons instructed by Ms. Akaiko Nakakura who is a ladies professional Shogi player and a writer of this textbook.

With considerable experience of teaching Shogi for 1000 children in total, Ms. Nakakura is giving a thorough explanation about the concepts, theories and techniques which many children often have trouble with.

* Note: Each explanation page has a QR code on top right. Reading the QR code allows you to visit our video lessons. No DVD is included. Please note that depend on your internet connection, you may not be able to see our video lessons.

3: Materials Reflecting The Results of Prior Study with Children and Their Parents

We conducted studies targeted at preschoolers and students in the early elementary grades. Based on valuable feedbacks from children who are beginners at Shogi and their parents, through trial and error processes, we figured out what were children’s challenges and difficulties.

Incidentally, big drawings and review practices on practice-pages are employed, following opinion of those children and parents.

4: “For Parents”; A Section for Parents Who Are Not Familiar with Shogi

Supposedly, parents often learn something first to teach it to their small children. In that sense, if parents are unfamiliar with “something”, they would probably have problems to answer children’s questions about it.

Recently the number of women who enjoy Shogi has been increasing. However, especially when it comes to Shogi, many mothers are most likely to be new to Shogi, like their children.

So, we provide a informative section on explanation pages of our “Shogi Lesson Book for Beginners Vol. 1”. This section is titled “For Parents” and gives parents tips to teach Shogi to their children. This section is good for parents who would wonder how to teach Shogi.

5: “Let’s think about this!”; A Section for Parents and Children

The fundamental joy of Shogi is “thinking”. Introductory Shogi textbook, “Shogi Lesson Book for Beginners Vol. 1” has a section titled “Let’s think about this!” on practice-pages. There are some questions asking about things other than Shogi, for example, “What is the most important for you?”.

Listening carefully to children’s answer, parents may ask more; “Why is it so important for you?”, or “What else do you have?”. These interactions and supports from parents help children improve their thinking abilities and have good communications with their parents.

Originally, Shogi is a game to encourage communication between players, regardless of age or gender difference. Some questions are not related to Shogi directly, but through this section you will enjoy the best part of Shogi.

Introductory Shogi textbook, “Shogi Lesson Book for Beginners Vol. 1” is the best choice for parents who already have a taste for Shogi, but are hesitating to let their children start to learn Shogi. You might say, “Learning Shogi seems to be very tough”, and “Threshold for Shogi is too high, so I feel still away from Shogi”. As you know, through learning Shogi, your children will improve their thinking abilities and power of concentration. There is no need to worry!


Number of pages72
IncludingVideo lectures
*Please scan the QR code printed on some explanation, or question pages to access the website.
StructureTable of contents, Check sheet for achievement, Explanations, Questions, Review questions
Content of learningThe way to move pieces, The way to play a Shogi game, The way to capture Gyoku
Apply toShogi beginners
Types of books2 types: With Ms. Akiko Nakakura's autograph, or without it
*When you purchase any of our Shogi lesson books, or products with the books, you can choose between "with" or "without" her autograph.