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  • Words of Appreciation for Our First Fiscal Year

    With your kind supports, we successfully closed our first year. We sincerely express our deep gratitude to all of you who have constantly and kindly supported us. The past one year really passed in the bank of an eye, and was exciting. Looking back the past year, I engaged in a wide range of activities as below: Lectures about parenting “Shogi event for parent and children” for those who had no interest in Shogi before Delivering blog messages on my visits to Shogi lessons and classes, my own experiences as a Shogi instructor for children, and so forth In August, we launched our original products. It took so much time

    Akiko Nakakura 24 January 2017

  • Our Shogi Equipment for the Meijin Title Match

    I-tsu-tsu Co.Ltd. purchased Japan Shogi Association Shogi board and pieces to be used for Shogi Meijin Title Match. We work under our vision; “Surprise of real Japanese Traditional Culture for your child”. When I, dressed in Kimono, sit down on Tatami mats and start laying Shogi pieces, all the children around me silently and earnestly stares at my moves. They sat down in the Seiza style, a traditional and formal way of sitting in Japan, even though nobody told them to sit down in the style. It is neither visible nor describable by words. Is it atmosphere that makes children behave that way? What is delivered to them is “atmosphere”.

    Akiko Nakakura 12 October 2016

  • Address

    Good afternoon, everyone! My name is Akiko Nakakura. All the preparations have been made, and I am going to submit the papers for registration of the joint-stock company Itsutsu tomorrow. In shogi terms, you could say that all the pieces are in place and we are about to make our first move. I can’t wait to see how the game unfolds from here, and am just thrilled about this development. My life as a shogi player began under the guidance of my father, who simply loved the game. Although I became disenchanted with it at times, it is thanks to shogi that I have had a variety of experiences and

    Akiko Nakakura 20 October 2015

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