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Shogi Pieces Sold Separately (Produced in Tendo, Domestic Wood)

139 (JPY)

Product Description

If you miss only one piece, you can’t play Shogi.
Therefore, instructors and parents always keep saying to children, “Be careful not to lose pieces!” But, even for adults, Shogi pieces are too small to be kept.
So, small children may well find it difficult keep them all.

One piece has been missed, when you want to play. It’s quite pity!

But, there is no need to worry. Your missing piece is in our stock and ready for delivery!

For small children, Shogi pieces are too small to be kept.

We of course use home-grown wood as a material for pieces which are sold separately. They are produced in Tendo where the top producer of Shogi pieces.


Produced inTendo, Yamagata, Japan
Material"Aoka" (a family of Maple, Domestic wood)
Piece typesOu, Gyoku, Hisha, Kaku, Kin, Gin, Keima, Kyosha, Fu
RemarksBlack letters on both sides