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A Set of Shogi Board and Pieces (i-tsu-tsu Special Shogi Board and Piece Bag Made of Original Fabric, and Shogi Pieces)

4,000 (JPY)

Product Description

Speaking of Shogi equipment, you may name a Shogi board and pieces. We made a very basic and fundamental Shogi equipment set. This set will get you started!

A set is now 4,320 Japanese Yen (tax included), which is equivalent of 4,644 Japanese Yen (tax included).

There are two patterns of fabric:
• “Gardenia” is designed in motif of a Japanese traditional plant, Gardenia flowers, which is closely related to Shogi.
• “Young Tree”, which is stretching its foliage in the sky, is used to express children’s healthy growing up.[SOLD OUT]

Pieces are made in the top producer of Shogi pieces, Tendo city, Yamagata prefecture. They are made of home-grown wood and come in two types of letters on the back;“red” and “black”. You can make your own combination,

Shogi pieces are not big enough for small children to keep them all.
We made i-tsu-tsu original set of Shogi board and pieces.

Even if you lost one piece, it is available to buy a piece individually. (Only pieces with black Chinese characters are sold separately.)


Containsi-tsu-tsu Special Shogi Board and Piece bag made of original fabric, Shogi pieces (produced in Tendo, and made of home-grown wood), Fancy box
SizeShogi board: 400mm×410mm
Piece bag: 150mm×110mm
Types1. Shogi board and Piece bag: “Gardenia”only. “Young Tree” is SOLD OUT.
2. Shogi pieces: The back comes with black letters or red letters.