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Shogi Pieces (Produced in Tendo, Domestic Wood)

1,800 (JPY)

Product Description

There are several materials used for Shogi pieces. Some are made of wood, and others are made of plastic.

Each type of pieces has a positive and a negative side. All we want is for children to appreciate feelings and warmth of wood. Therefore, we, i-tsu-tsu, highly recommend that children who will start to learn Shogi use Shogi pieces made of home-grown wood which are produced in Tendo where the top producer of Shogi pieces.

We recommend using pieces made of home-grown wood, which are produced in Tendo.

By the way, the pieces we provide have 2 Chinese characters on their faces, which are mainly used Shogi classes, practice halls, or Shogi tournament for children.
You have a choice between two colours, read or black, for the characters on their back side.

Characters on the back are in red. Red colour will help children to distinguish the difference between its face and back. A piece is going to be turned over when it’s promoted. (Some pieces can get promotion when they enter the opponent’s camp.) These pieces with red characters are good for children who are preschool or totally new to Shogi. However, in the future, when they attend a Shogi class or take part in tournaments, they will encounter pieces at Shogi classes, or tournaments, which have all black characters.
One thing you should remember is that children will need some transition time to get used to pieces that have all black characters.

Characters on the back are in black. These pieces are for those who don’t want to have some transition period, instead want to use pieces with black characters from the first. It is noted that some children might take time to get used to their backs, which represent piece promotions.


Produced inTendo, Yamagata, Japan
Material"Akao" (a family of Maple, Domestic wood)
Colour of lettersBlack, or Red
RemarksContained in a fancy box