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[SOLD OUT]Picture Book, An Adventure in Shogi Kingdom

1,400 (JPY)

Product Description

What is this book about?

Follow the adventures of unique Shogi characters. Here they make efforts to take back their treasure, which was captured by the opponent’s King. Shogi tend to be thought of as a difficult game for children. Introducing Shogi elements within the story, such as “being promoted” or “capturing a piece”, this book will attract small children. We condense important lessons into this book, which children can learn through Shogi experiences:
Shogi is a fun game, players should admit their own defeats, cooperation with others is very important, and you shouldn’t give up with only one mistake.

By the way, this book is recommended by Mr. Yoshiharu Habu, Eisei Meijin.


PublisherKodansha Ltd.
AutherMs. Akiko Nakakura (Ladies professional Shogi player)
PictureMs. Chisa Fukuyama
Age rangeRead to children: from 3 years
Read by children: from 6 years