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[SOLD OUT]Shogi Puzzles That Accelerates Brain Development

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Product Description

We created a publication based on our popular Shogi puzzles!

Shogi puzzles are easy and fun games for which you use a Shogi pieces and board.
Each puzzles has a small board of 3×3 squares and some pieces. Your goal is to reach the final situation, following and thinking moves of pieces.

Moving pieces, reach the provided final situation.

Its rule is very simple. Once you solve one puzzle, you can’t stop yourself doing more. You may be attracted to puzzles and will never give up until you solve them.

Puzzles are classified based on the minimum moves required to solve each: Introductory (less than 10 moves), Intermediate (from 10 moves to 19 moves), and Advanced (more than 20 moves).

This puzzle book is aimed at both adults and children, so children who have just started to learn Shogi and adults who claim they are Shogi masters can enjoy it!

Classified by the required minimum moves: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Shogi puzzles are quite easy games. You can enjoy them at any time, anywhere, as long as you have a board and pieces. If you want to make it more fun, a wonderful mat for Shogi puzzles is available in our online shop. With this space saving mat, Shogi puzzles can be more enjoyable!

With a Shogi puzzle mat, you can enjoy Shogi puzzles at any time and anywhere.

Give it a try! We do recommend solving one puzzle to discover the fun of Shogi!

A real Shogi game is very fun and exciting, of course. After enjoy a feeling of tension with a real game, Shogi puzzles must be a great way to relax.


PublisherSOGO HOREI Publishing Co., Ltd
WriterLadies professional Shogi player, Ms. Akiko Nakakura
FormatPaperback (Softcover)
Number of pages254