Shogi Puzzles

Min. moves

1 Jun 2021

Intermediate: 1 June 2021

Today’s Pieces

Crafted by Konan
The form of a character: Ryoko
Carved pieces

Clue for Today’s Puzzle

Put a priority on moving Kin (Gold) down.


▲P-3a(3b) ▲G-2b(2a) ▲G-2a(1a) ▲P-1a(1b) ▲G-3b(2b) ▲G-2b(2a) ▲N-2a(1c) ▲G-2c(2b) ▲B-2b(3c) ▲G-3c(3b) ▲B-1c(2b) ▲g-2b(2c)

Minimum Number of Moves 12

* To calculate the minimum number of moves, we use a programme created by Mr Akira Takeuchi, the developer of a computer Shogi programme "Shuso."

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