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Shogi 24 January 2017

Enjoy a Lively Conversation with Your Children and Shogi

Nae Kanamoto

Playing catch has been classic for a father and children (boys in particular). This could be the case, even though there might be a little difference between the past and present.
A parent and a child enjoy a game, throwing a ball back and forth to each other. Actions are quite simple and repeated and mostly after a game they seem to be refreshed. Probably, I got this image too strongly from a scene in a TV drama.

I have noticed recently that playing catch has many things in common with Shogi.
I would like to argue why I think so!

Much like playing catch, Shogi is played between two persons one after the other.
Much like playing catch, Shogi is played between two persons one after the other.

The first, Shogi and playing catch are both played by two persons. Simple equipment is good enough for them; gloves and a ball are for playing catch, on the other hand, a board and pieces for Shogi. One is a sport, so good for your body and the other is a mind-sport, so good for your brain to sweat.
Not least, the most characteristic common point is their alternately repeated actions; one throwing to another, and likewise one moving to another.

I think Shogi is very similar to conversation; you advocate your opinion and then listen to your partner’s opinion and vice versa.
During a Shogi game, you may enjoy a conversation with your opponent and sometimes the conversation gets lively or you might have a break (or no words during a professional game). As when you are engaged in a conversation, during a Shogi game you will try to understand your opponent’s feelings and thoughts according to his/her attitudes or mood. It could be said that Shogi is a conversation.

Why don’t you spend your holidays, playing catch on a sunny day and Shogi on a rainy or freezing day, surely you can enjoy playing Shogi on a beautiful sunny day, as well. You many have a good conversation with your children. You bet it is!

この記事の執筆者Nae Kanamoto

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