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Shogi 3 August 2017

5 Things You Must Know before Your Debut of Shogi Dojo

Hisae Ozaki

Today, I will give you some information about Shogi Dojo, or training hall, for those who are planning to debut in Shogi Dojo and want to let your children start to learn Shogi at Shogi Dojo. Today’s article would give you a good motivation in starting to attend Shogi Dojo. We interviewed Ms. Akiko Nakakura, our CEO and a professional Shogi player, who has regularly attended Shogi Dojo since her childhood. She answers to questions you would have.
If your view of Shogi is something unfamiliar, today’s article is for you!

Q1. What is Shogi Dojo for?

Shogi Salon
Shogi Salon

A. “Dojo” is a place where you can play Shogi games with various people.
They are different from Shogi classes which have a teacher to teach tactics. You can just play games with various people. Anyone who has learned basic rules in classes with books or materials can enjoy playing games. The Japanese word, “Dojo”, would elicit another word, “Dojo Yaburi”, which means visiting another training hall that you don’t belong to and defeating the players there. So, some people might think that only strong players are permitted to play at Dojo. No matter which level you are on or how old you are, you can attend Dojo if you can play a Shogi game. Recently, some Dojo have revamped their names, changing “Dojo” to “Shogi salon” or “Shogi club”.

Q2. Beginners are welcomed?

Matching card
Matching card

A. Absolutely. Anyone who knows basic manners and rules of Shogi are welcomed.
Various people, adults or children, with a rank of Dan or without it, gather in Shogi Dojo with different levels of Shogi skills. Dojo staff will make a pair, considering each player’s skill. You will have a suitable partner who is on your level. This matching procedure is named “Teai” or match making. The staff will make matching and arrange a game setting for which sometimes handicaps are applied. See? No worry!

Q3. Reservations are necessary, aren’t they?

A girl is playing Shogi.
A girl is playing Shogi.

A. No reservations are necessary.
During opening hours, you can go and leave there at any time. Usually the admission fee is set to occupy your seat without time limitation. When you go out for a break or lunch, you can come back at your convenience with prior notice to the staff.
If your child has never been there, I would recommend to go on holiday morning. There might be relatively many children, comparing to the other days. You could have the suitable partner who has the same skill as yours.

Q4. What do I need to bring?

A girl with a fan
A girl with a fan

A. Speaking of Shogi, you don’t need to bring anything to Dojo.
Nothing special is needed, but probably small children would need something to drink. If there are many people in Dojo, the room will get hot. Outfit with which you can control body temperature would be suitable.

Q5. Are there any places where parents can wait for?

They have Shogi equipment.
They have Shogi equipment.

A. Yes, I believe most Dojo provide chairs for parents in the same room.
Mostly, you can wait for your children in the Dojo, but I would recommend to check in advance. Once your children get used to the place, you may go out. In my case, as my child is small and asks me to stay in the same room, I usually wait for him in the room. There are not a few students in higher classes of elementary schools who come by themselves.

Now, do Ms. Nakakura’s answers and my writing motivate you to go to Dojo? If so, it’s just great! If you have any questions, feel free to ask I-tsu-tsu.

As for myself, I am considering if I should take my children to Dojo. I think it’s quite natural for parents to want their children to play with the other players, when children come to be able to play a game. I would say the overriding Shogi charm is to play a game face-to-face with others and enjoy the ambience of the place.
App could not provide those experiences. Why not go to Dojo to enjoy live games? There might be good opportunities to encounter something new and someone new.

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