Japanese 5 stars
“Aizu Okiagari-koboshi,” Looking for a Five-star Product of Traditional Japanese Culture
28 Mar 2017
Under the name of “Looking for a Five-star Product of Traditional Japanese Culture,” I-tsu-tsu staff members offer you a report on uncompromising trad
Akiko Nakakura
Japanese 5 stars
What I Am Making Is Not “Works” !—An Interview with Edo Joinery Master Toshio Toda—
23 Jan 2017
I visited an artisan, Toshio Toda who is Edo joinery (or “Edo Sashimono” in Japanese) master. Edo joinery is designated as a traditional craft by the
Akiko Nakakura
Japanese 5 stars
Charm of Shogi Equipment Changing through Long Usage –Interview about Producing Shogi Pieces with Kikusui-san, Artisan of Shogi Pieces
20 Jan 2017
On 9 August, 2016, I interviewed with Mr. Kazuo Sakurai (hereafter Kikusui-san) who made our exquisite Shogi pieces used in the third Kyoku of the 74t
Akiko Nakakura
Japanese 5 stars
Five Great People You Should Know to Enjoy Traditional Japanese Culture
4 Nov 2016
We, I-tsu-tsu Co. Ltd., are primarily developing projects to incorporate traditional Japanese culture into child care. I would like to introduce five
Nae Kanamoto
Japanese 5 stars
Interview with Traditional Japanese Cultural Artisans
12 Oct 2016
An interview with the owner of Maruhachi-Goban-ten, the specialized Go and Shogi shop who offers a selection of Go and Shogi equipments crafted by ski
Akiko Nakakura

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