5 Things You Must Know before Your Debut of Shogi Dojo
3 Aug 2017
Today, I will give you some information about Shogi Dojo, or training hall, for those who are planning to debut in Shogi Dojo and want to let your chi
Hisae Ozaki
The Day Five-Year-Old Child Met The Great Buddha of Nara
30 Mar 2017
I visited Nara last weekend. My purpose of visiting there was to see The Great Buddha of Nara, one of the three large statures of Buddha in Japan. My
Hisae Ozaki
Japanese Traditional Toys Refine Children’s Sensitivities
4 Nov 2016
In this post, I am going to tell you about the way to refine children’s sensitivities. We often hear that it is essential to cultivate children’s sens
Hisae Ozaki
Japanese Wooden Toys Sharpen Children’s Sensibilities
1 Nov 2016
This time, I will tell you about “wooden toys bringing back old memories”, which develop children’s sensitivities and five senses. Everything has been
Hisae Ozaki

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